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Wholesalers, Fishmongers

For over twenty years, the Aguirrebarrena group has been developing its own supply network on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, bringing together more than 350 professional sea and river fishermen around our fishponds.

As a fish processing company together with fishermen, without going through auctions, therefore directly for your customers, you can get those coastal sea, estuary or river fish products every week of the year.

Our catches mainly come from the following fishing zones:

  • The Bay of Biscay (ANE Zone FAO 27 VIII): from south Brittany to the port of Saint Jean de Luz and port of Pasajes (Spain) to Portugal
  • Mediterranean Coast: from Sète to Marseille (Mediterranée, Zone FAO 37 1.2)
  • In estuaries and rivers: Fresh water France

Your products are collected with our tank trucks and stored according to their fishing origin, on our sites and fishponds:

  • Sète, 34: For Gulf of Lion and coastal ponds
  • Vue, 44: for south Brittany, Loire estuary Vendée Coast
  • Fronsac, 33: for Charente area, Gironde estuary  and Arcachon bay
  • St Vincent de Tyrosse, 40: for lakes and streams in Landes and Adour river
  • Oiartzun, Basque country: for the southern area of the Bay of Biscay
  • Tui, Vigo: for Portugal and Galice

Fresh fish and seafood range:

Our specialities:

  • French wild eel (Anguilla anguilla)
  • Glass eel (Anguilla anguilla)
  • Live Lamprey (we do provide palox tanks with aerator for your POS and/or storage)
  • Processed Lamprey  PAC (head, tail and blood aside for the base of  “sauce à la bordelaise”)
  • Allis Shad (Alosa alosa) sold day by day during season in 20kg “caisse marée” or insulated box
  • Wild Salmon from river Adour, sold with tag identification, daily
  • Perch, pike perch…sold day by day
  • Live shellfish, fresh or frozen: Shrimps (Crangon crangon, Palaemon serratus, Palaemon longirostris), Scampis, Edible crabs, Lobsters …

Our processed range:

  • Smoked and canned products
  • Smoked Eel,
  • Smoked Salmon,
  • Canned Lamprey,
  • Fisherman’s Terrine 90g

Fresh cooked shellfish: Shrimps, Scampis, Edible  Crabs, Lobsters …

These products from our coasts and estuaries are available whether raw or processed, all year-round or in season, based on to the fishing and quotas that our network of fishermen comply with. Give a call to our sales department at +33 558 771 226 to check on price and availability.