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Over the years, Aguirrebarrena developed a true service for catering.

Our catering range:

The products we offer are coming from sustainable and traditional fishing methods. We buy directly to our 350 fishermen network (sea and river) as soon as they get caught, without going to fish auctions.

French wild eel can really make a difference in your menu when planning festive meals or appetizers. Your guests and all your customers will appreciate the range of french traditional fish products.

They pair perfectly with:

  • Appetizers or Seafood platter like fresh cooked shrimps (Palaemon longirostris)
  • Your high-end menu, with glass eels and wild salmon from Adour  (Salmo salar)
  • Your mid-range menu, with french wild eel (Anguilla anguilla), Lamprey and Allis Shad

We specialize in European eel (Anguilla anguilla) with more than 130T of coastal, river or estuary fishing in Atlantic or Mediterranean sea.

It is stored in our fish ponds by our fishermen and/or collected by our team with our tank trucks.

French wild eel  (Anguilla anguilla) can be shipped live anywhere in France within 24h.

All our products are available fresh or live.

We also offer them frozen for convenience purposes.

These traditional french products are available all year round or in season based on to the fishing and quotas that our network of fishermen comply with. Give a call to our sales department at +33 558 771 226 to check on price and availability

Our service for Catering

The eel, is stored live in our fish ponds right after being caught or placed in a cold room and then processed upon request.

Our facilities are equipped and approved to process the fish range we offer.
We pack in sealed insulated box with ice, vacuum or Modified Atmosphere Packaging

As soon as we get your order by phone/email/fax we start to process in our 2 fish production units:

Processed eel:

  • Started, Skinned and gutted, ‘PAC’, Ready to cook
  • We do also offer IQF frozen eel pieces

Shellfish, daily cooked:

  • Gironde Shrimp  (Palaemon longirostris) in star anise recipe
  • Smoked fish:
    French hot smoked wild eel, whole, gutted and vacuum packed with size between 400g and 1kg per unit

Canned Lamprey ‘à la Bordelaise’:

Place your order to our sales department at +33 558 771 226

Our delivery service to your restaurant Local delivery:

Our local approach from our facilities allows you to benefit from a tailor made service with direct delivery through our own refrigerated trucks fleet.

From one of our main logistics platform, you could register to be part of our weekly deliveries.

  • Nantes – Vue: During summer, it serves restaurants, caterers and ‘guinguettes’ from Loire valley
  • Bordeaux – Fronsac: serves Bordeaux area and Dordogne
  • Tyrosse : serves Landes and Basque Country

For instance we deliver

Loire area:

Marais Poitevin area:

National delivery:

We simply not just stop there we also offer regional and national deliveries, A to B, thanks to reliable carrier companies as Delanchy, Express Marée, Olano Tomsa and soon Chronofood.

For instance we supply:

  • -NODAIWA Paris,eel  specialist in traditional japanese cuisine. We do ship twice a week live eels in the heart of Paris, with high quality requirements due to the traditional specificity of its cuisine et
  • “L’ami Jean” Paris, during glass eels season in Bay of Biscay, they get the ‘pibales’ for the delight of true connoisseurs

For more information on our deliveries for local or national catering, please call our sales department at +33 558 771 226